The difference between Sherlock’s face and John’s face: this is not the first time John has seen this happen to a man.

Greg, too.  Look at his face.  If he’s about 50, then he’s probably been on the force for more than 20 years.  7/7, the 1990s IRA campaign…yeah.

Always thought it was a bit pretentious to say that Sherlock’s London was the battlefield.  It’s Lestrade’s London that has the riots and terrorist attacks.  Sherlock doesn’t care about those.  Not cerebral enough for him.

John and Greg look so resigned. It’s a look that says “Not again, not here. Not while I’m awake.”

Because they each have their nightmares - different nightmares, for sure, John’s in hot, dry heat and the sound of gunfire, Lestrade’s in the cool damp streets of London with buses rigged to explode.

Oh God, I never had feels about this scene until now *weeps*

I know readers and viewers often see more in a story than the writers or actors intend, but this is how I want to see this scene, I want to believe those thoughts were in the actor’s heads.

Because these interpretations are brilliant. 

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