Headcanon time!

So, because I’m a poop head, I only just realized (after watching this movie a kajillion times) the implications of this particular part of his speech and I wanted to talk about how much it stabbed me in the heart. When I watched it before, I always assumed it was just a jab at Thor like ‘how you going to let some human woman change you, the mighty Thor’ and I believe that is the outside meaning of it, like Loki is trying to edge Thor on to fight, but all of the things behind it kind of kill me.

My theory for Loki was that he never truly meant for Thor to get banished, but only to teach Thor a lesson and halt his coronation because Thor wasn’t ready to rule (“he’s reckless, he’s dangerous. You saw how he was today. Is that what Asgard needs from its King?”). Yet learning of his true nature and having things basically handed to him, he went with it. Keeping that in mind, here we see Loki saying,

‘How could a few days on Earth, with some human woman, change you when you would never change for me, your own brother?’

Because that is what happened. All he wanted was for Thor to truly see him and know him as a equal, perhaps be nicer to him and less arrogant, less willing to hurt others for the sake of war and honor. Then Thor spends a few moments of his life on Earth, with some mortals he doesn’t even know, that completely change him into what Loki wanted the entire time. When Loki reads the answer on his brother’s face, the definite ‘yes, she changed me’, we see a moment of pause where he is truly astounded that it is so. Then we see that instant click to anger, but not before we see the tear falling down his face at the betrayal of it.

and basically it just makes me want to cry a lot.

Oh my gosh, I love this theory so much.

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